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The Etherington Brothers are the creators of Malcolm Magic, Monkey Nuts, Baggage, Tusk and MOON! They have also worked on Transformers, Star Wars, Terminator Salvation, Dreamworks' Monsters Vs Aliens and Madagascar comics.

Facts about Robin: he's an obsessive snowboarder, insomniac and toast fanatic...seriously...he can go through a whole loaf in five minutes!

Facts about Lawrence: he's an obsessive hotrod fan, insomniac, and choc-o-holic...the boy can sniff out a Mars bar from 100 metres!

DFC Library: Baggage by Robin Etherington
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Robin Etherington
Monday 18th November
Thank you for your kind comments. We're delighted you enjoyed Baggage and hope Monkey Nuts makes you laugh.
Bronco is not based on anyone in particular but I've certainly known a few bosses over the years who like to shout at people.
Hopefully you'll never work for a Bronco!
Robert Mc Carthy
Friday 15th November
My dad picked out Baggage for me in our local library. We both loved the story, the drawing, the expressions and the lines. I want him to get Monkey Nuts a.s.a.p. ! Is Bronco based on a real person?
Ewan davis
Monday 15th November
I loved reading monkey nuts!

all the villans where really weird and the plot was so exiting!"scuffler once ate monkey!scufler like monkey!"

scaryiest line ever!